“...this is good for say Aboriginal black fella and white fella relations. In anything - in music and in culture - because the students, when they come to an Aboriginal (black fella) community, they've got no idea what it is. The only sort of stories they have is what they see on the news and what other people tell them about black fella communities. So when they come here it's really good for them; get them to learn first-hand and you know; and they get involved. Then they go back with different ideas from what they come with in the first place… the students also bring in things that they learn from another place. They can pass it onto the community people.”

 Warren H. Williams, Australian songwriter and musician

 "The benefit of this type of work is crucial. If we're really going to connect with each other, then we need to do more of this work.  Art is where it starts, music is where it starts, politics is usually where it finished, but for me if our artists can be connected together creatively, then I think we start speaking the same language literally, so just support it."

Jeff McLaughlin, musician and producer, Tennant Creek